Iot app connected with all devices from HKSmart.


DURATION: 2 month (Freelancer).
PLATFORM: Android, iOS (NodeJS React Native).
TECHNOLOGIES: React Hooks, React Native, Native Base, React Navigation, Redux, Redux Saga & Logger, Reselect, i18next, Apisauce.
TOOLS: Mac OS, VSCode, Android Studio, XCode, Postman, Bitbucket, Yarn, Fastlane to deploy, Test Flight.
LINT: ESLint (Airbnb & Standard JS), Prettier, Flow Types.


MY ROLE: Mobile Developer.
1 Embedded Engineer, 1 BE, 1 React Native.


HKSmarts is an IoT app control devices in smart home.

Experience Achieved

Experience with SMS authentication. Solve problem complex overrided UI.

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