Send large file storage as FSend.vn for free.


DURATION: 1 year FSend.vn (Test myself, not enough strong working device).
PLATFORM: Android, iOS (NodeJS React Native).
TECHNOLOGIES: React, React Native, React Native Router Flux, Native Base, Redux, Redux Thunk & Logger, i18n, Babel, Moment JS.
TOOLS: Mac OS, VSCode, Android Studio, XCode, Postman, Wireshark, Bitbucket, Yarn, Fastlane to deploy, Test Flight.
LINT: ESLint (Airbnb & Standard JS), Prettier.


MY ROLE: Mobile Developer.
Minify state, props React, Redux to speed up performance.
Quick render view file manager by Flat List with large many files.


FSend mobile app can upload any files to server and send email which contains download link to your friend.
Guest mode allow to use without registration, quick login by Facebook, Google+.
History can get URL, forward email, enable-disable download, set password download, count download times, total storage.


Upload, download chunk with pause, resume, cancel, queue.
Gallery choose new images to upload, limit to 100 images by server.
File manager allow managing downloaded files, rename, move, copy, delete.
File manager show thumbnail image, filesize, last modified, group of file types.
Multi select from native app for uploading (Custom native module).
View run downloaded files by native app in Android, iOS (Custom native module).
View run any files from sdcard (Android) & iCloud (iOS) (Custom native module).
Multi language VN-EN, track current device language, real-time connection.

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