FPT Attila

Cloud sharing encrypted storage with high level security.


DURATION: 5 months (Waterfall).
PLATFORM: Desktop & Universal Windows, Mac & Linux app (NodeJS Electron).
TECHNOLOGIES: Electron, Electron Builder, React, React Router Dom, SASS, Worker Loader, Sourcemap, MobX, i18n, Babel, Webpack, Moment JS, Node JS.
TOOLS: Windows, VSCode, Postman, Bitbucket.
LINT: ESLint (Airbnb & Standard JS), Prettier, Stylelint.


MY ROLE: Electron Developer.
Minify state, props React to speed up performance.
Use only one renderer for all windows (Not each window per renderer).


Attila (temporary name) is desktop app which similar to Megasync, Google Backup & Sync.
Syncs files from local to server & encrypt, decrypt customer documents for security.


Upload, download chunk with pause, resume, cancel, queue.
Watch file changes, show total files change, file size and push to queue.
Encode and decode each chunk files by web worker & upload, download.
Use fingerprint to create strong master password to encrypt documents.
Multi language VN-EN, track current device language, real-time connection.
Connection Pouchdb to sync with server Couchdb.
Show graph speed upload, download.
Setting another folder to sync files.

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