FPT Adsplay & Wifi Marketing

FPT Advertisement System & Wifi Marketing cp.Adsplay.net wifi.Adsplay.net.


DURATION: 1 year cp.Adsplay.net wifi.Adsplay.net (Agile Scrum).
PLATFORM: Backend PHP Laravel Lumen.
TECHNOLOGIES: JWT Auth, Elastic Search, PostgreSQL, Redis, Redash.
TOOLS: Windows, VSCode, DBeaver, Postman, Docker, Jenkins, Sentry, Gitlab.
LINT: PHP IntelliSense VSCode.


MY ROLE: Backend Developer.
Use Repository design pattern for flexible RESTful MVC API. Increase API query performance by Redis. Query optimization for Elastic Search.


FPT Adsplay (iTV Ads, team name) is advertisement system management (ads serving) which support ecosystem FPT product including FPT Play (Web, Mobile, Smart TV), FShare, PayTV.
FPT Wifi Adsplay is wifi marketing advertisement system management.
Update inventory, access points information as MAC address, location from public places (school, market, mall, restaurant, canteen, hospital, hotel).
Use survey to build client data for warehouse, lake & support machine learning.


Main responsible for all report & permission, show dashboard, export excel for sales, partner, customer.
Maintain & develop 400 API for 2 backend system. Limit permission whole system according to system requirement. Connect concern services to get data and support encryption algorithm.

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