Food Connection Soloyoi

Soloyoi app, drinking social network for connecting all drinking & restaurant services.


DURATION: 2 month (Started 2 month ago).
PLATFORM: Android, iOS (NodeJS React Native).
TECHNOLOGIES: React Hooks, React Native Ignite, Native Base, Reduxsauce instead of Redux Actions & Reducers, Redux Logger, i18next, GraphQL, Apollo Client, Jest Unit test, Detox Automation Test, ....
TOOLS: Mac OS, VSCode, Android Studio, XCode, Postman, Gib Hub, Yarn, Deploy Gate to deploy, Redmine for project management.
LINT: ESLint (Airbnb & Standard JS), Prettier, Flow Types, Documentation.


MY ROLE: Mobile Developer.
3 dev React Native, 2 BPM, 2 dev Backend, 1 dev Front End Web, 1 Japanese Designer, 2 QC in Food Connection team. Agile Scrum working, sprint 2 weeks, report at 4:30 PM.


Japanese has drink alone hobby, started from working late habit. This causes depression and badly suicide.
Soloyoi allows everyone to make friends with anyone who has drinks together in same restaurant.
App supports find friends as Tinder, check nearby location as Grab and check news feed, chat realtime as Facebook.

Experience Achieved

Write Detox automation test.
Implement complicated & animated UI.
Implement realtime database Firebase to check realtime online.
Implement Google Analytics, Firebase Crashlytics integration.

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