Comspaces Matching, project announcement for startup to invite co-founder, angel investor.


DURATION: 1 month (Started 1 month ago).
PLATFORM: Web (Next JS), Android, iOS (NodeJS React Native).
TECHNOLOGIES: Web: Typescript, Material UI, Next JS, React Hooks, Reduxsauce, Redux Logger, i18next, mobile: React Native Ignite, React Navigation 5, Native Base, ....
TOOLS: Mac OS, VSCode, Android Studio, XCode, Postman, Gib Hub, Yarn, Gitlab.
LINT: ESLint (Airbnb & Standard JS), Prettier, Flow Types, Documentation.


MY ROLE: Fullstack Developer.
2 dev React Native, 2 dev Backend, 2 dev Front End Web.

Overview is similar to, it's for Vietnamese market.
Anything you need to start for a startup. You can invite investor for your idea.
It requires duration and budget to complete. Of course, demo and your reputation is necessary.

Experience Achieved

Config Typescript full option with good performance for Next JS.
Implement server site rendering feel good with static render.

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